FarField NDT provides expert personnel and equipment rentals to inspection companies and asset owners. Our Level III inspectors can help you tackle a specially complicated project or complement your team during a peak in demand.

Our expertise includes:

Corrosion Detection - Inspection Services

Guided Waves – MRUT (Medium Range UT)

MRUT (Medium Range UT) describes a suite of techniques that permit covering an area between approximately 25mm to 3000mm from the location where the inspection is performed. MRUT uses guided wave and/or bulk wave techniques and complements LRUT (Long Range UT) by covering the near field area where LRUT cannot be used.

MRUT techniques are mainly designed for fast scanning and detection (qualitative assessment), although in some circumstances they can provide relatively accurate measurements (quantitative assessment).

Innerspec’s MRUT techniques are all based on EMAT.

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Boiler Inspection

Our boiler inspection service provides personnel and exclusive equipment that enables accurate detection of wall loss, hydrogen damage, and caustic gauging of boiler tubes.

The inspection is performed using Innerspec’s proprietary temate TG-IS(B) system, the only equipment in the market that permits full scanning of the boiler tube wall with accurate thickness readings. In addition to thickness readings, the EMAT technique detects hydrogen corrosion cracking (HCC) and caustic gauging while scanning. The inspection is performed without couplant, and with minimal surface preparation.

The inspection includes:

  • Measurement of remaining wall thickness on both carbon steel and clad materials.
  • Exclusive boiler mapping software that provides easy visualization of boiler walls with results of inspection for fast analysis and interpretation.
  • Proven technique with hundreds of boilers and thousands of kilometers of inspected tube worldwide.

Turbine and Component Inspection

The inspection equipment and systems developed by Tecnatom cover the entire range of needs of industrial facilities, both nuclear and conventional. Our specialists and high-tech systems ensure reduced inspection times with reliability and accuracy. Tecnatom has wide experience of in-service inspections in the energy (nuclear, conventional and renewables), industrial and aerospace sectors in the following activities:

  • Turbine rotor and disk inspection
  • External inspection of ferritic components (tanks, pressurizers, steam generators, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Inspection of bolts
  • Inspection of piping welds
  • Piping thickness measurement
  • Surveillance of erosion/corrosion and microbiological corrosion (MIC) processes in piping

Thickness Measurement and Corrosion Mapping

Using EMAT and PAUT technology from Innerspec and Tecnatom, we provide inspections on rough, corroded, wrapped, painted, or coated surfaces at temperatures up to 650°C.

Thickness Measurement - Inspection Services

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