Consulting & Support

FarField NDT provides consulting and support services to inspection companies and asset owners using cutting-edge techniques delivered by experts with decades of experience in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Mining industries. All these techniques are recognized best practices and are code-compliant with the most stringent international codes.

Engineering for Inspection Services

Straddling between inspection and structural engineering, our “Engineering for Inspection” services can maximize asset utilization while reducing inspection costs.
Our services include:

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
Decrease operational hazards, increase uptime, and reduce maintenance and inspection expenses without sacrificing safety or dependability. RBI is an established method that defines and fine tunes the inspection processes to guarantee the integrity of pressure systems on piping, static equipment/structures, and safety valves.

Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments
Cut down inspection expenses and postpone or sidestep repair costs with FFS assessments. When appropriate, FarField NDT experts will also develop the most cost-effective inspection solution for each specific need.

Design for Inspection
Let us review and evaluate your asset design to make sure that it adheres to global industry standards, and develop the inspection protocol to maximize its lifespan with the lowest inspection costs.

Inspection Oversight

We can provide management support and impartial third-party assessment to help your team reach their optimum performance.
Our services include:

Team Management
Analyze jobs, and schedule and organize your staff based on best inspection practices in your region.

On-site Training/Refresher Courses
Help your team get up to speed when operating new or advanced instrumentation.

On-Site Process and Data Review
Review inspection processes and analyze the inspection results to confirm that they are up to the required quality and regulatory standards.

Offsite Data Analysis
Review inspection results and provide an expert analysis of the quality of the inspection and the condition of the asset.

Regulatory Audits & Compliance Analysis

Our experts can provide ad-hoc regulatory audits and compliance analysis of your inspection processes and procedures to make sure that they conform to international quality and health, safety, and environmental regulatory standards.
Our services include:

Inspection Codes and Standards Audit
Make sure that your inspections results and personnel meet all required regulatory standards.
We are experts in API, ISO, ASTM, ASME standards for the inspection and training industries.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) evaluation.

Integrity & Asset Evaluation
Third-party assessment can help you pinpoint discrepancies with your regular assessments, support legal arguments with expert testimony, or evaluate assets during a due diligence process.

Business Development

Proposal Support
Prepare winning proposals with the help of our experts. Our team can help review tenders, prepare proposals that will meet the customers technical and economic expectations, and help you deliver after they are won.