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MRUT & LRUT Guided Wave Inspections (EMAT)

MRUT provides inspection from 25mm to 3m with high-frequency guided waves. It is applicable to pipes, plates, and components with irregular geometries. LRUT provides long-range inspection of pipes using guided waves up to 100m. MRUT complements LRUT (Long Range UT) by covering the near field area where LRUT cannot be used with much higher resolution and detection capabilities.
Light-Coated Free Standing Pipe Inspection (EMAT)
Uses axial scanning on free-standing pipes with none or light coatings (<3-4mm) for fast and accurate defect detection around the circumference of the pipe.
Inaccessible Area Inspection (EMAT)
Side inspection is used for the detection of defects in inaccessible areas up to 3m (10’) from the sensor.
Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (EMAT)
Axial and/or Circumferential scanning to detect and measure corrosion under pipe supports.
LRUT provides long-range inspections of pipes covering up to 100m per side (200m total). It uses the same instrument and complements MRUT for inspection of pipes at any distance.