Advanced Inspection Services

FarField NDT personnel have extensive experience in advanced inspection techniques such as PAUT/ToFD and EMAT (Guided Waves and Bulk Waves) which are frequently complemented with EC, ACFM, PEC, and other more common NDT methods. Our experienced inspectors work directly with Innerspec and other equipment manufacturers to fine-tune and optimize each application, and to develop new sensors, hardware, and software to meet our customers' needs.

At FarField NDT, we are ready to support our customers at any stage in the inspection lifecycle and to tailor the support to your specific needs:
Before the inspection: Our staff can provide expert support to evaluate and select the best inspection techniques, and prepare procedures that will meet the technical and regulatory requirements.
During the inspection: Once the inspection starts, we can provide experienced Level III and Level II inspectors and state-of-the-art instruments and tools to cover a unique inspection of a surge in demand on your regular work. When required, we can also provide expert oversight to help manage your team and workload.
After the Inspection: Our technical team can review and audit the results of the inspection, onsite or remotely, to confirm that it meets the expected quality and regulatory standards.
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